How to Change the World: My brief guide now available!

I’ve distilled years of training, research, and practice into a short-and-sweet book on setting and achieving serious goals. The title is How to Change the World (Or Your Corner of It): Planning and Working for Success. It’s available from many sources, including Amazon and these major vendors.

Here’s the blurb:

Do you want to change the world—or yourself? To improve your work? To make the best decisions possible? Then this brief but comprehensive guide to planning, doing, and revising is for you.

By following ten steps, you’ll maximize your chances of success. This short, practical manual shows you how to tailor your plans to your resources and desires, so the same basic approach will work whether your project is modest or grand, you’re one person or many, your time frame is short or long. 

You or your group will:

  • Set a productive goal
  • Identify the best way for you to reach it
  • Ensure that you’re properly organized
  • Evaluate whether you’re on track or need to revise your plan.

The process presented here is much like the ones in longer (and often less-complete) texts for aid workers or educational specialists—but in this primer you’ll get the whole picture in plain language. This guide features examples from areas as diverse as education, weight-loss, sports, public health, revolution, and more.

So if you want to change the world—or just do better—start here!


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